Brief History
The first year we entered, the car was basic. We had a 24cc two stroke petrol engine, a small budget and a lot to do! The chassis had to be built, have the engine fitted and test in just 6 months.

Unfortunately, it was a bit too much of a task and we experienced a mechanical failure. Things could only get better for us.

This year we had the car so there wasn't so much building work to do, just a lot of modifying and testing with a lot of help from Ron Harman who is a Engineer. After the previous year's disappointment, the team was determined to achieve a mileage this year and when they got out there, the car did a respectable 317mpg

The car was improving in leaps and bounds with a new engine, which was a Honda 50cc, back canopy and ever advancing technology. But how did it do on the day? Well, we didn't reach our target of 800mpg but we managed a good 650mpg which everyone was pleased with.

With a target of 1000mpg, we knew we had a lot of work to do. So we improved the aerodynamics a great deal, lightned the car and put a solenoid on the main jet of the carburetter which cuts of the petrol. What an improvement it made. 1710mpg, What a result, What a car, What a team!

In 1996 we had high expections. Although everything didn't go exactly to plan the drive belt kept falling off which made the run useless, and we didn't make our target of 2000mpg, we did improve our position overall to 13th from 14th with a total of 1654mpg, and we were all pleased with this mileage.
1996 Testing at Goodwood
On the 15th November 1996 we want to Goodwood to test the car to see what mileage we could get. When we got there we unpacked the car and started the car up to do runs up and down on the main straight. After this we go the car ready to do to laps. The first lap on the first run went all to plan doing it in 8.40mins. But this was soon to end as soon as the car go into the second corner the drive belt fell off. The second go at it did the same thing but on the first lap. By now the sun was going down and it was getting cold. The thrid lap did the same as the first and the second. Before we went out on the track we had to tighten the drive belt by dropping the engine. This worked and on the forth run it made it twice around with out stopping.

This year at the event it was very overcast and raining most of the time. Any way we had fixed the problem of the belt falling off by two small rollers sitting either side of it.
Today went well very over cast in the morning. We went up with tree drivers this year to see which ones we would use on Friday. After warming the car up we got out onto the track and we obtained 800mpg on the first day. This we where very pleased with we spent the rest of that night changing sparkplugs and tuning the engine.
We got on the Big Breakfast today at 6 o'clock. We had chosen the two best drivers from yesterday to drive today. We went out about 9:30 and we obatined 1272Mpg which meant we where leading the School/Youth and Junior Petrol Category. We held this lead for most of the day. Until the green bean went out. They got 1473Mpg. Then we went into the queue to get onto the track again. We did two laps and then the car borke. So we quickly pushed it into the pits and fixed it to go out again. By this time Tendering Torpedos and gone out and obtained 2020Mpg. We went out to have our 3rd run. This put us up into 2nd place ahead of the green bean. They went out but the car broke down and they could not fix it. We then finished 3rd on the day 25th overall.

©Richard Olivey 2001