Brief Family Details

Olivey - Researches so far show that the family has been in settled in Cornwall, England since the 16th century, certainly since the commencement of parish registers. The earliest reference being to one Richard Henry Olyvye who married Anne (?) in St Keverne in 1583. Variants of the name are Oliveh, Olivie, Olivee and variouse phonetic variants which include substitution of the vowels such as "y" for "i". The surname Oliver is not a variant as far as I can determine at present. On the other hand Olive is a variant, certainly in Cornwall and the west of Devon but not universally throughout the UK.

The name probably has French origins, as currently there are Olivi and Olivie families in France but these lines have not been pursued.

Family groups have departed the UK for the USA and Australia mainly with odd ones in Canada.

Notable Individuals

One member of the family has been knighted. Colonel Sir Walter Rice Olivey (1831-1922) was a Paymaster in the Army. His son also a Walter Rice (1860-1880), was killed during the last stand of the 66th Foot (Wiltshire Regiment) at the battle of Maiwand, Afganistan in July 1880.

My Olivey card index currently holds deatils of 553 males, 473 females and 509 spouses.